How to Read Minds and Project Thoughts at Will

How to Read Minds and Project Thoughts at Will

Reality Mind“When attempting to read anyone’s mind, always wait for those times when he or she seems most relaxed and “at ease with the world.”

If the person is smiling or humming to himself, that is a good time to start mind reading. If you happen to be speaking to this person and he seems contented or in a good mood, that, too, is a good time to read his thoughts. Similarly, you will find that the thoughts of others come to you with greatest clarity at those times when both you and the other person are in a good mood.”  – Telecult Power by Reese P. Dubin

To project thoughts at will, therefore, one method is to produce artificially an emotional buildup before sending. This is a method of thought projection, recommended by Frank R. Young in his book, Secrets of Personal Psychic Power

1. Think of a very pleasant situation, something you like to do, some rare treat—and think of this until your whole mind is filled with the pleasure of it.

2. Think of an even more pleasant situation. Let the thought of it fill your whole mind and dwell on this thought until your entire body glows with the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction you get from this thought.


3. Now, very briefly—for perhaps a few seconds—let your mind dwell on an ordinary, everyday situation; some household chore that must be performed, some tedious not-too-interesting situation.

4. Now, suddenly, just as suddenly as you can, plunge your mind back into that most pleasant of thoughts, and dwell on it again until your whole mind is filled with the pleasure of it.

5. When you have achieved this feeling of intense, sublime pleasure, frame in your mind (either in words or as a mental picture) the situation you wish to bring about involving this person.

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